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Moscow Mule

09 May 2012

The Moscow Mule is a remnant of the 1950s vodka craze.

Here’s what’s interesting about vodka:

Yeah, the list is empty. Good vodka tastes like nothing. Bad vodka isn’t worth drinking. I like Tito’s vodka because it’s relatively flavorless and inexpensive. Ignore the 500-bottle display in your local liquor store; vodka’s about as interesting as dirt.

Like the mint julep, the Moscow Mule prides itself on its particular serving vessel. But, at the end of the day, the cocktail is made of vodka, half a lime, and some ginger beer.

Moscow Mule Ingredients

I got two copper cups from the Internet in order to ensure that the end result was authentic, but it didn’t matter.

Moscow Mule Finished

At the end of the day we’ve got a little lime, a lot of vodka, and some ginger beer. This just isn’t that interesting.