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Mother-In-Law Cocktail

08 Jun 2012

This cocktail has a punch-like number of ingredients. Clearly, however, it’s no punch. For one thing, there’s no oleo saccharum. Or citrus at all, for that matter.

My experience with cocktails that have tons of ingredients has been middling at best, and the list here is somewhat daunting and seemingly incoherent.

Ingredients for Mother-In-Law cocktail.

Also, it’s called the “Mother-In-Law” which is just sort of weird. The story’s in the book, and it makes sense.

This is a cocktail for a group of serious drinkers, as there’s a lot of alcohol involved. I ended up making a half batch and it was plenty for two of us.

Completed Mother-In-Law

Gotta be honest, though. This cocktail works. A healthy dose of bitters and aromatic liqueurs doesn’t hurt, but the balance is great. This is a sipping cocktail with charm and finesse and definitely better than the sum of its parts. Do try, if you’ve got all of the stuff sitting around.