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Curaçao Punch

29 Aug 2011

Ingredients for another punch.

Alright. Going to keep this short and sweet. Another punch, the Curaçao Punch is not my favorite. Brandy, Orange Curaçao, Rum, sugar (way too much, at that), and some other junk. It tastes like … sweet rum and sweetness. It is horrible. This cocktail is dead to me.

Hm. Slushy.](/images/curacao_punch_final.jpg)

To be fair, I lack an ice crusher, so I put ice into my blender, which is, to be fair, suboptimal. I don’t think properly crushed ice would have made a difference. If you want a cloying sweet beverage, this is great and all, but I feel like veen for that, there are better options.