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Crimean Cup À La Marmora

07 Aug 2011

Fuck yeah, punch! No, seriously, this is pretty much the best punch ever, fuck any punch you’ve had to this point.


But really, this is some amazing punch. Let’s start by grabbing the entire liquor cabinet:

Crimean Cup Ingredients

Muddle some lemon skin with sugar and pour everything else in, except the grower champagne. Mix, add ice, and float some champagne on top.

This is the best punch you’ve ever had. An impeccable balance of sweetness and acidity, nice complexity, and not too much effervescence.

Crimean cup finished.

There’s a spicy floral thing going on, a certain crispness, and a nutty finish. A nice spice like you’d get with mulled wine, even; this may be the perfect holiday punch. It’s a punch, I mean. It’s sweet, it’s not some crazy masculine drink, it’s sweet, after all. Yet, there’s some complexity here. I’d be proud to drink this punch, and you would too. This is a clear winner in the book so far, and sure to be a crowd pleaser. I will serve this at my giant dinner parties that I don’t have.