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The Scofflaw Cocktail

17 Jul 2012

Named after clandestine cocktail sippers during Prohibition, the Scofflaw features rye, dry vermouth, lemon juice, and grenadine.

Scofflaw Ingredients

I lost my homemade grenadine in a refrigerator accident, but I still had this Stirrings grenadine around. It turns out the stirrings grenadine actually isn’t that bad – it has some actual pomegranate flavor. The only downside (if one can really call it that) is that it lacks the intense redness that comes from commercial food dyes. Thus the finished product is another ugly brown cocktail instead of something vibrant on the pink-red spectrum.

Scofflaw Finished

The spice of the rye plus the sweet of the grenadine, sourness of the lemon, and smoothness and herbal notes of the vermouth make this a decent sipper. Worth a tipple, and as a bonus all of the ingredients are easy to find!