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Satan's Whiskers Cocktail

15 Jul 2012

I was so excited about this cocktail! Just look at the ingredients:

Satans Whiskers Ingredients

I know, right? Two vermouths, a bunch of orange stuff, what can possibly go wrong?

Satans Whiskers Finished

A teaspoon of bitters per drink, that’s what.

I can’t be more succinct than: “This tastes like Goo Gone smells.” This is a cocktail that should be interesting, and yet the proportions just destroy the thing. I can’t imagine anybody enjoying this; a teaspoon of orange bitters just seems outright absurd, and I say that as somebody who enjoys drinks such as the Sawyer (28 dashes of bitters per serving, in total). Something’s just not right here.

Poking around a bit, the Internet agrees with me; Imbibe’s version calls only for a dash of orange bitters, not a teaspoon.