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La Floridita Daiquiri

28 Apr 2012

Daiquiris are basically sours with lemon instead of lime. Or something like that. Far from what people seem to think of, it’s just a sweet and sour inebriating beverage. A truly great daiquiri is a simple creature with a good rum, fresh lime juice (never, ever, squeeze lime juice prior to using it; it just doesn’t keep its flavor), and a sweetening agent.

La Floridita Daiquiri Ingredients

This particular variation (and indeed the book) calls for blending. Blended drinks are an abomination. The only exception is when one is in the Caribbean at a resort knocking back rum and fruit concoctions. It’s not good, then, either, but it’s apropos.

La Floridita Daiquiri finished

Honestly, the drink is just too mild, blended. On the rocks it’s more interesting, but it’s going to take a rum far more interesting than Appleton’s white rum. The book calls for contraband Cuban rum, but I don’t have any of that around. If somebody wants to hook me up, let me know.