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Leatherneck Cocktail

29 Apr 2012

With this cocktail, we’re over the hump. This is, in fact, the fifty-first cocktail. It’s all downhill from here.

Friends, I intended to make this cocktail with high quality ingredients, so that it would be something I had a remote chance of enjoying. However, authenticity is an important part of this project. The book calls for lime juice, Blue Curaçao, and the cheapest possible blended whiskey. To keep it authentic. So I did this, but I want my readers to realize the sacrifice I made for their pleasure.

Leatherneck Ingredients. Eww.

Yeah, it bears repeating. I have no reason on earth to own these terrible bottles. They will be thrown out after this cocktail is consumed. Or at least sampled, since I’m not sure I’ll finish it.

Leatherneck Finsihed

I actually threw up in my mouth a little bit just looking at this. “Eww, it stained the lime.” Yeah.

The flavors aren’t that strong, but what’s there isn’t good. If a cocktail ever calls for Blue Curaçao, run away. If a cocktail ever calls for cheap blended whiskey, run away. The leatherneck cocktail? Avoid at all costs.