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The Fred Collins Fiz

03 Mar 2012

I’m not quite sure how the The Fred Collins Fiz is a fiz per se, but it’s a pretty good version of alcoholic lemonade. Unlike Lynchburg Lemonade, which is made of sour mix, triple sec, sprite, and Jack Daniel’s, this is made of good things: sugar, lemon, lemonade (redundant? I think so, but whatever, it works), orange curaƧao, and bourbon. The quality of each ingredient is better than what would go into the former mess of a cocktail, but this is still a pretty simple thing.

Fred Collins Fiz Ingredients

The end product is pretty good. “Like a Long Island Iced Tea, but good.” The drink is well balanced and delicious; the ingredients I picked at least seemed to work like a charm. The recipe suggests bourbon or rye, but bourbon seems the right choice.

Fred Collins Fiz Finished

This is one of the winners in the book, so far.