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The Coffee Cocktail

02 Jun 2011

Uh yeah. Coffee Cocktail ingredients. Nothing coffee like here.

Yeah, baby. Another egg cocktail. This is cocktail number 20, so it’s fitting that it again features that “scary” ingredient. The first encounter with egg goes way back to the Alamagoozlum, which had the benefit of only using the whites – and about three trillion other ingredients. This cocktail uses an egg, some port, brandy, and sugar.

And I thought the last cocktail was gross. This takes the cake. There is a reason that some cocktails have been forgotten, and it’s not that the ingredients are intimidating. It’s that the cocktail tastes like crap. This is one of those times.

As the book mentions, this cocktail has nothing to do with coffee, and looks nothing like coffee. It tastes nothing like coffee. Instead, it tastes sort of like port mixed with Irish cream (again), though it’s more disconcerting, since there’s no cream, and just an egg. The sugar makes it almost cloyingly sweet, and it’s got a creamy mouthfeel that sticks to your beard.

Mmmmmm, gross.

This is a seriously nasty cocktail. Avoid it unless you’re on an identical quest to try everything, because there is no reason for it to exist.