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Chatham Hotel Special

01 Jun 2011

Ugh. Girlfriend not excited about this one.

Yeah. Port. Heavy cream. Brandy. Creme de Cacao. This is not something that would ever have been combined if it weren’t for this book. There’s a reason for this: nasty curdling (also, it sounds gross). Here, see:


See what I mean? Super-gross. If you look from the top down, you can see the little cream chunks, and you’ll vomit a bit in your mouth. Or at least I did. My constitution may not be as good as it once was.

Really, though. Port and cream? And liquor? Ew.

Surprisingly enough, it mixes up to look like a slightly pink chocolate milk, with a similar consistency:

Looks like chocolate milk. Tastes like Irish Creme.

No chunks in the finished product, thank god. Flavor-wise, we’re talking Irish cream with a hint of berries. Maybe somewhat better mouthfeel, but not appreciably better flavor. This is definitely a dessert cocktail, and not something to sip and consider.

I like a certain sort of cocktail; this is not that kind of cocktail.