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The Blackthorn Cocktail

04 Mar 2011

With this cocktail, I have finished the first ten cocktails in the book. It’s been interesting so far! There’s a lot of book left, and a lotof unique (and hard-to-find) ingredients coming up.

Stuff in a Blackthorn.

I figured this one would be a slam dunk; it’s a lot of gin with a bit of Dubonnet and a bit of Kirsh. Maybe it’s because I forgot to garnish with a cherry.

Finished blackthorns

This was another pretty drink (that would, again, probably be prettier with cherry syrup and a cherry at the bottom), but I really can’t get behind this one. It tasted “like paper.” ”I’m drinking olive brine.” I can’t really explain it, but I can’t disagree. None of the constituent ingredients taste like this, but the combination just did not work. My Dubonnet was relatively fresh and tasted fine on its own, this just was not meant to be.

So, with that, here’s a toast to the remaining 90 cocktails; should have some nice surprises along the way.