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The Bebbo Cocktail

02 Mar 2011

I again have to defer to the book with “another idiotically named drink.” The Bebbo? I don’t think I could order one of those at a bar.

Bebbo ingredients. Dont mind the Tropicana.

As promised, this is the last gin & lemon juice cocktail for a while. It’s been a fun journey, but it’s time to move on. This drink requires melting the honey first, mixing with the ingredients, and then shaking with ice; it works surprisingly well to combine the ingredients, but I imagine it would be a hassle to deal with (potentially hot) honey at a bar in practice.

The finished Bebbo is quite pretty.

The Bebbo is a pretty drink; it would be even more pretty with traditional cocktail cherries, but those suck, so I’m sticking to the Luxardo cherries. If I haven’t mentioned it before, at about $18 for a third of a kilo, they’re expensive, but they are amazing – they make the difference between a good Old Fashioned and a great one.

The honey isn’t obvious at first; the cocktail drinks like “good Minute Maid lemonade.” One can’t really taste the gin, and the more complex notes of the honey don’t come out until after a few sips. This is a cocktail that “could easily get you in trouble” and “drinks quickly and smoothly.” It’s a bit on the sweeter side, but not so much so that it’s distracting.