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Ritz Sidecar

24 Jun 2012

Ritz Sidecar Ingredients

The book calls for pre-Phylloxera Cognac that runs about two hundred dollars an ounce give or take.

So that wasn’t going to happen, sorry.

Germain-Robin makes some pretty damn good artisan brandy in the style of Cognac, predominantly from Pinot Noir. It sounds crazy, but making Cognac from good grapes in good growing conditions is surprisingly effective, if not at all traditional. Thus, I made my Ritz Sidecar with Germain-Robin’s XO, instead of something absurd.

Ritz Sidecar Finished

Another fun fact is that I ran out of Cointreau while making this, so I substituted a bit of Pierre Ferrand’s Dry Curacao to bring the mix up to volume properly, and I’m glad I did.

Say what you will, this is a delicious cocktail with impeccable balance, aroma, and finish. Spicy, rich, and complex, this is a delight to consume and will surely please all but the most frustratingly arbitrary critics. The ingredient cost is somewhat stupid for what it is, but this is not one to pass up. Highly recommended.