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Mamie Taylor

06 May 2012

Mamie Taylor Ingredients

I don’t know why Scotch cocktails need to be revitalized. I love Scotch, especially the single malt variety. However, it’s absurdly difficult to make a good Scotch cocktail. I know of one, precisely, and that’s the BFG made with Laphroaig.

So, one of the trends of classic cocktail revival is Scotch cocktails and I think this is a mistake – Scotch cocktails are, generally, awful. The smoke/peat flavors are just not easy companions in a beverage; look to mezcal for a similar problem.

Mamie Taylor

Thus, it’s with some trepidation I approached the Mamie Taylor. A highball with Scotch just seems like a bad idea, and in fact it was. The end result was not necessarily vile, but it was far from enjoyable.