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The Brandy Crusta

19 May 2011

The Brandy Crusta is a bit infuriating. In the book, a lovely lemon skin extension to the cocktail glass is made. In reality, gravity is a motherfucker. So I made the lemon a garnish, rather than a funnel. I encourage you to search the Internet for “brandy crusta.” You’ll see people more talented than me, though independent research confirms that attempting to drink through the lemon peel causes a drink to get poured into your lap, so we’re good. The ingredients are easy enough to find, including my second-favorite cough syrup substitute, Orange Curacao (blue being my favorite … there are no blue oranges).

Turns out I cant actually make a Crusta.](/images/IMG_4775.jpg)

The drink itself was … surprisingly good. The sugar is a good counter for the bitters and cognac. Lemon juice gives a little bite, and the curacao … well, it’s traditional, and it also adds a lot of sugar, I guess.

Not quite a Brandy Crusta.](/images/IMG_4778.jpg)