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Arnaud's Special Cocktail

08 Feb 2011

Arnaud’s Special Cocktail wasn’t particularly special about me. It wants Scotch mixed with something, which is pretty much where things fell apart.

Ingredients for Arnauds Special Cocktail.

I have to admit I wasn’t going into this one hopeful, and maybe that’s where I failed, but it just didn’t really work out for me. I like Scotch. I like orange bitters. Dubonnet Rouge isn’t the worse thing on earth. I may be sounding like a bit of a broken record, since this was my take on the Algonquin too, but these ingredients together don’t really make for an improvement of any of the constituents for me. This one takes good peaty Scotch flavors and turns it into an orange-charcoal-metallic mess. Avoid it!

Finished version of Arnauds Special Cocktail.

There’s one way to drink Scotch: neat. We’ll see if I stick to that as I try the other Scotch cocktails in the book.