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Vowel Cocktail

18 Aug 2012

The Vowel Cocktail is a bit of a strange creature. It’s the last Scotch cocktail in the book, and Scotch cocktails are weird to begin with. The book itself describes it as challenging, probably for that reason. I found it challenging because tracking down Kümmel is a bit of a pain in the ass. Still, I managed to find the stuff. Kümmel is a caraway liquor, not unlike Akvavit, beyond that it’s made by the Germans instead of the Norwegians.

On the upside there’s a bad-ass penguin on the 1L bottle, which almost makes up for the nearly $100 it took to get the damn thing, and the consternation at what to do with 970mL of Kümmel.

Vowel Cocktail Ingredients

Strangely, I think there’s some promise here.

Vowel Cocktail Finished

The final product is surprisingly decent. Not good enough to keep a bottle of Kümmel around, but if one happens ot have one, then by all means – this is worth a shot.