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Picon Punch

24 Jun 2012

I’m hopeful that the recent slump of lackluster drinks is almost finished. The downside is that the Picon Punch is also a bit of a mixed bag.

Picon Punch Ingredients

The basic idea of the Picon Punch is that we take Amer Picon (Torani Amer being the only available substitute in the US), mix it with some grenadine for color and sweetness, and top up with club soda. Then, for some awful reason somebody decided to float cognac on top of it. Idiots.

100% of us agreed that was a bad idea, and that the drink was dramatically better either without the cognac, or with mixing the cognac in.

Picon Punch Finished

Torani Amer is sort of a watered down version of an Amaro, with a lot more liquor in it, so this is sort of a savory herbal punch, and nothing like a most of the punches preceding it in the book and otherwise.

So, this was interesting to sip on the porch on a hot day. It seems like the sort of drink that might take the place of a nice dry sherry alongside some tapas. I think I’d rather have the nice dry sherry, though.