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Have a Heart Cocktail

26 Mar 2012

I am pleased to say that Swedish Punch has made its triumphant return, and I’ve had to create another batch of the stuff. Well, I’m not that pleased, but I’ve done it anyway, and now the clock is ticking. The stuff is necessary for the Have a Heart Cocktail. The Have a Heart is another cocktail with a horrible name. I think, and relatively mundane ingredients. Swedish Punch and grenadine dominate, with some gin and lime for sport.

Have a Heart

How does it taste? Like gin, Swedish Punch, lime and Grenadine. I know that’s not much help, but it’s like a sort of fancy proud-of-itself daiquiri. I had a hard time getting excited about it.

Have a Heart

Of note, the picture in the book has not a hint of red or pinkness at all, and yet it calls for grenadine. I don’t know how that’s possible; I’m going to assume I did it right.