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Golden Dawn

07 Mar 2012

And now for something completely different. Okay, not really, but this is another cocktail where there’s a little bit of technique, and it’s not just mix and pour. After several cocktails where I’ve failed to properly float things, it’s satisfying to be able to pour one that just depends on gravity working more or less properly.

The ingredients are relatively run of the mill; this is another of the ones that combines orange juice and Calvados, but now we’re tossing Apry and gin in the mix in equal parts. Weird.

Golden Dawn components

Mixed, it turns into something that looks sort of like an up tequila sunrise. On the upside, it tastes nothing like a tequila sunrise.

Golden Dawn

This one is pretty good. Not too sweet, though the sweetness increases as one approaches the cherry. Nice balance and complexity for what it is. For somebody that wants something a hair on the sweeter side without it being cloying, this is a pretty nice option. Also, it’s pretty and not brown.