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The Fogcutter (Early)

22 Feb 2012

Now we’re talking. This is a vintage cocktail, unlike the not-so-early version. For ingredients we’ve got oranges and lemons. We’ve got Plymouth Gin. We’ve got some rum that’s not white rum. We’ve got Pisco. We’ve got Cream Sherry. We’ve got homemade Orgeat (I used the Serious Eats recipe for Orgeat).

The Fogcutter (Early) Ingredients

I didn’t know from the start if I was going to like it, but damn, this is a cocktail I can get behind! The final product, like most vintage cocktails, is brown and ugly:

The Fogcutter (Early)

I’m also going to pronounce it delicious. It has some genetic links to the previous cocktail, but the intensity in every dimension is turned up several notches. There’s intense sweetness, acidity, nuttyness, complexity, and rich mouthfeel. This is a fascinating cocktail. It’s worth trying. I don’t know that it’s something I will make again, but I’m extremely happy that I gave it a whirl.