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Blood and Sand

15 Mar 2011

Ingredients in the Blood and Sand. Yay.

Oh, Scotch cocktails. I’m a lover of single malts, so at least I have a place to pour my blended Scotch. There are worse things to do with it, I guess. Like drink it. In any event, this is the second Scotch cocktail in the book, after¬†Arnaud’s Special Cocktail, which was anything but. ¬†Luckily, this one is a bit prettier (I’m glad to see something that isn’t just the familiar tan-brown that seems to be pervasive in the book). My sweet vermouth is getting a little long in the tooth, and I’m sure some Carpano Antica would make this better, but I’m just not interested in investing myself in a Scotch cocktail. Maybe that’s a personal flaw.

A finished Blood and Sand.

It’s a pretty thing, at least. Better than I expected. Not something I’d drink normally, but still enjoyable. I guess Scotch cocktails aren’t entirely worth ignoring. I’m not sure why it works as well as it does, but it’s impressive, if only for that it’s not a bag of awful.